Ibthihaal’s mother deserves justice: PG

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem has stated that Afiya Mohamed, who had beaten her three-year-old son Mohamed Ibthihaal to death, deserves justice too.

Three-year-old Ibthihaal was murdered in 2015 at the hands of his mother. With regards to his murder case, Afiya was pressed with two charges; homicide and disobedience. However, even after five long years, the case is still ongoing. When Afiya was first pressed with the charges, Hussain Shameem took it upon himself to defend her on 3rd February 2020. During that time, Shameem stated that he took the case in order to ensure the case is prosecuted in a just manner for Afiya too.

During a show broadcast on the national radio Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu, Shameem faced questions regarding Ibthihaal’s murder. Shameem stated that since he represented Afiya for some time, he had to excuse himself the case. Shameem further stated that both Ibthihaal as well as Afiya deserved justice. He added that the justice for Afiya will be reaching the final verdict of the case as soon as possible.

During the court hearings, Afiya had confessed to beating the three-year-old Ibthihaal on many occasions. She added that the reason why she hurt him was that he did not have a father. Moreover, during the investigations, she clearly explained all the injuries inflicted on the child and demonstrated what she did to the child by using a doll as a prop. When the statement from the investigation was played at the court hearing, Afiya agreed that it was true.

However, the story changed later when she said that she had never physically hurt Ibthihaal. According to her, she agreed to the accusations out of fear and by force as a third party had threatened her.