PGO pursuing three charges against murder suspect

Prosecutor General Hussian Shameem has said the state is working on filing three charges against Mohamed Nizam, 45, of Thinadhoo island, concerning the death of Bangladeshi national Mohamed Litan, 35.

According to Shameem, the state is preparing to charge Nizam with murder, robbery, and drug trafficking. Shameem said that based on Nizam's account and other evidence, it is believed that Litan died due to an action by Nizam. Nizam is also accused of stealing money from the oil boat, and there is evidence supporting the accusation, said Shameem. He also noted that Nizam was in possession of drugs when he was arrested.

On December 30 last year, Maldives Police Service announced that two people who departed on an oil boat on December 28 had been reported missing. The two people were Nizam and Litan. The boat the two were traveling in was found abandoned, drifting near Velana International Airport. The police searched within Male' City to locate the men, and Nizam was found on January 3, 2023, in a Male' guest house. Before the police located the missing man, a member of the public identified him on a Male' City street and posted a picture of the man on social media.

While the search for Litan was ongoing, a dead body was found on January 2 in V. Vemparu lagoon. However, DNA testing revealed the body was not Litan and was subsequently buried.

Following Nizam's arrest, he was taken to the Criminal Court on January 4 to decide on his remand. However, the hearing was carried out behind closed doors at police request. The Criminal Court remanded him into custody for two months at the hearing.