Gulf Craft looks to establish main hub in Maldives

Dubai's largest boating company, Gulf Craft has expressed interest in establishing a main hub in the Maldives.

In an interview with 'Avas', the national economic and youth council chair Ahmed Zuhoor said that large foreign investments were being directed towards the Maldives, and that globally renowned companies were expressing interest in the Maldivian islands.

"Gulf Craft, Dubai's largest boating company has expressed interest in building a main hub in the Maldives, and have sent a proposal. We are receiving many such proposals. We will evaluate them and assign them to the relevant ministries," Zuhoor stated.

Gulf Craft Maldives has previously invested in the Maldives but the latest move would likely be its biggest investment in the archipelago.

According to Zuhoor, the hub being established in the Maldives would cater to luxury speedboats.

Zuhoor stated that more and more companies were becoming interested in investing in the Maldives after seeing the large scale project Saudi Arabia is set to implement in Faafu Atoll.

"They realize that large projects [F. Atoll Project] are heading to the Maldives. So they are coming beforehand. It's a chain reaction," Zuhoor said, referring to the investment of Gulf Craft.

"They realize that they could benefit from releasing luxury yachts into the Maldives. The multiple effect will grow due to this and other investors will also be attracted."

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