Prisons suspend visitations over flu outbreak

Maldives Correctional Service has temporarily suspended prison visitations over the rapid spread of swine flu in the country.

In addition to visitations, inmates travel has also been limited to emergency medicals and court hearings.

The suspension also includes conjugal visits and medical consultations in the capital Male.

A specific date to recommence the prison visitations has not been announced yet.

Meanwhile, the latest HPA statistics have confirmed that the H1N1 virus is continuing to rise with over 100 people positive for the virus by Thursday.

The count was at 82 on Wednesday out of the 279 tested, but less than a day later the count has swelled to 105 after 335 people were tested for the virus.

The flu has already claimed the lives of two people, one 26 year old man in early March while a 51 year old woman had died late Wednesday.

Government along with private health care providers have set up multiple flu clinic throughout the capital and suburbs to provide round the clock service.

Public schools, universities and private colleges have suspended classes while the authorities have urged people in the Atolls against travelling to the capital.

The government along with a few private offices have granted indefinite leave for pregnant staff to minimize the risk of contracting the virus.