People flock to hospitals as flu spreads

Hundreds of people down with fever and flu flocked to hospitals in the capital Male as authorities warned of a flu outbreak.

Maldives has been experiencing bad weather for the past few days and there have been increasing reports of flu and fever.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) epidemiologist Dr Afzal said the number of patients being admitted in hospitals was increasing while several serious cases have also been reported.

Dr Afzal had urged people to avoid public areas as much as possible to curb the flu spread.

With an increase in patients with fever last week, privately-run ADK hospital has set-up a special flu-clinic in the capital. The clinic is reportedly seeing around 100 flu patients every day.

State-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) also admitted to a hike in patients but said an official comment would be given by the health ministry.