Maldives bans unregulated swine flu vaccines

The Health Ministry has alleged that some tourists are bringing in H1N1 vaccines into the Maldives due to the outbreak of the virus in the Maldives, and have cautioned the public against using such vaccinations.

According to the ministry, the vaccine for the H1N1 virus (Swine flu) must be kept at a certain temperature after its production, warning that it could cause negative side effects should it be used after being exposed to different temperatures.

The notice by the Health Ministry cautioned against the import of such vaccines into the Maldives, and have urged the public against using vaccines brought in through unregulated means into the country.

Statistics of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) shows that out of the 437 tested so far for swine flu, 155 have tested positive to the disease. The disease has also contributed to three deaths in the Maldives thus far.