WHO to donate 30,000 flu vaccines to Maldives

World Health Organisation (WHO) has decided to donate 30,000 Influenza vaccines to the Maldives amid a struggle to control the spread of H1N1 in the archipelago.

The WHO official for Maldives stated that the organisation is supporting the country's health ministry in monitoring the spread of H1N1 and providing medical supplies and other requirements for the people.

WHO has already provided test kits for flu detection and flu medicine to treat patients with severe infection.

"The first batch, which includes 15,000 of the 30,000 vaccines donated, will arrive by the end of this week" official said.

The official further stressed on the importance of early detection, appropriate treatment and good infection control measures. Adoption of simple preventive measures by the public, and awareness among the population to seek medical care, in order to minimize the seasonal flu's strain.

Health Protection Agency's statistics show that 222 people have been found positive for H1N1 while it has claimed the life of six people thus far.