Prison restores jailed opposition lawmaker's privileges

Maldives Correctional Service on Monday said jailed opposition lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof's prison privileges have now been restored.

Mahloof's prison privileges including telephone, family visitations and conjugal visits had been taken away for a month after he was found to have violated "prison regulations."

However, corrections' spokesperson Ahmed Lugman without specifying a reason said the lawmaker's privileges had been restored before the one month period.

Mahloof is serving 10 months and 24 days over two separate counts of impeding police officers.

The independent MP for South Galolhu who is also the spokesperson for the newly formed opposition alliance, Maldives United Opposition (MOU) was first sentenced to four months and 24 days in prison after the criminal court found him guilty of of obstructing police officers during an opposition protest in April.

A week later he received a further six months for pushing police barricades and entering a restricted area during a protest in March last year.