Bangladesh court orders complete probe into Maldives Vogue model's death

The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court of Rajshahi, Bangladesh has ordered local police to investigate the death of Maldivian model and student, Raudha Athif.

The court order came as a result of a request by the family to investigate the murder after the police investigation pointed towards suicide.

The police have reported to the media that Raudha's death was a suicide, despite her family insisting that Raudha did not take her own life. The family insist that they have facts to support their claim that Raudha was murdered.

The case filed in court by Raudha's father, Dr. Mohamed Athif, noted that Raudha's death could not be ruled a suicide as facts such as the strangulation marks around her neck pointed towards murder.
Raudha's close friend and the first person to discover her body, Seerat Parveen Mohamed has also emerged as a key suspect in Raudha's death.

The court had asked police to investigate the case as a murder after deliberating on the evidence presented by the family.

Raudha's body had been discovered on March 29 and her autopsy had been conducted by a team of doctors which included doctors from the Rajshahi Islamic Bank Medical College.

The autopsy had ruled her death as a suicide, however the court has asked police to investigate the case due to questions being raised by the family as well as the Bangladeshi media.

The college has been known to be under the influence of two extremist factions, however messages later discovered on her phone had shown that she had a spat with her boyfriend the night of her death.

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