Red Bull launches third doodle art festival in Maldives

Red Bull has launched the annual doodle art fair in the Maldives on Thursday. This is the second time this fair is being held in the Maldives.

Submissions to the fair are open till the 26th of this month, through the Red Bull website and through submission boxes held in various cafes across Male'.

The Goatfish Cafe', the Seahouse Maldives, Nouvelle Grill and Restaurant are among some of the cafe's hosting the submission boxes.

The Red Bull Company will be selecting 20 doodles from all the submissions, with voting for the doodles starting on the 28th of this month. The best doodle from among the 20 will be selected on the 5th of may by a panel of three judges.

The Red Bull company has announced that a special finale will be held for the this years Red Bull doodle art festival, with winners getting treated to a virtual reality experience.

The company informed that the judges panel will be deliberating the finalists works through virtual reality. All art lovers will be given the chance to visit this gallery.

According to Red Bull, over 5000 submissions are made to the festival from students attending over a 1000 universities across the world. The doodle art festival is known for not having any set rules or guidelines and for being a free platform to share thoughts and ideas through art.

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