Disqualified MP Ameeth’s appeal hearings end

High court on Thursday, concluded the appeal hearing of disqualified Madduvari MP Mohamed Ameeth’s remand.

Speaking to Avas after the hearing which was held behind closed doors, Ameeth’s lawyer Ali Zahid stated that the lawmaker was arrested for entering the parliament illegally. Ameeth, however, was still a member of the parliament when he was arrested as authorities failed to inform him of the disqualification.

Meanwhile, the supreme court is yet to reach a verdict on the disqualification challenge by MP Ameeth. The first hearing was held on Wednesday, where Ameeth’s legal representation had noted that the Election Commissions (EC)’s decision to dismiss the lawmakers from the ruling party under the recent Supreme Court anti-defection ruling to announce by-elections was against regulations.

Ameeth’s lawyer had questioned why the state believes the MP must be in custody and enquired whether the investigation is still ongoing.

The state had reiterated that the state is awaiting on statements from three more people and that the investigation is still ongoing. They further highlighted that MP Ameeth is kept in custody for committing unlawful acts and obstructing the duty of police officers.

Lawyer Zahid had requested from court to expedite the verdict as Ameeth’s remand period ends in two days.

Ameeth was arrested along with Villigili MP Saud Hussain and Thulusdhoo MP Mohamed Waheed for illegally entering the parliament on May 24.