HRCM stands up to gang violence

Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has started work to halt all gang violence in the Maldives.

The commission, on Thursday, commenced a series of meetings with relevant authorities to terminate all gang violence in the Maldives. Participants of the meeting include Home Ministry, Police, Juvenile Justice Unit, Gender Ministry, Islamic Ministry, Youth Ministry and Education Ministry.

HRCM revealed that the purpose of the meetings were to take steps necessary to end gang violence in the Maldives. Discussions during the meeting will include strategies to overthrow gang violence and violent crimes in the Maldives and establishment of a system with strict penalties for such crimes.

Fear has spread across the capital city as gang violence spate continues. After a period of relative calm, Maldives has seen two deaths, with total of nine stabbings and three assaults in gang violence over the past month. Police have increased patrols around the city in the wake of recent spikes in gang violence and organised crime.