Death row inmate to rights body over solitary confinement

Hussain Humaam, convicted for the brutal murder of renowned religious scholar Dr. Afrasheem Ali has been stripped from his liberties and rights, family has alleged.

Convicted Humaam's family has filed a case regarding at both Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) and Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM).

A complaint lodged at MCS over their negligence on basic rights of Humaam, read about irresponsibility and inconsistency over monitoring his health and physical conditions. Humaam, who requires apparent medical treatment should be subjected to proper health care and fostering - however the complain, in the form of a letter from the convict's father stated treatment over him was otherwise.

Additionally, the contents on the letter drew accusations at MCS for forcibly inducing pharmaceutical drugs and injections under the pretext of his receding mental condition.

His father states Humaam requires monitoring and medical attention every six hours, however due to his solitary confinement - he has been devoid of such.

Inmates are granted with a visitation from family and relatives every month, yet his family has stated they had not been granted visitation rights since May this year. Furthermore, his detention cell breaches Anti-Torture Act with two cameras installed - while he has been barred from listening to radio unlike other prisoners.

The family of convicted killer, Humaam has urged to provide him with all basic necessities subjected to every other prisoner, without discrimination and requested from MCS to respond through proper communicative medium - specifying reasons on why the requests cannot be met, if there are any.

Humaam, who is currently under investigation for another case has been requested for an extension on capital punishment, by his family.