Protest sparks in front Maldives Embassy in Lanka

Opposition supporters gathered on Thursday in front of the Maldivian Embassy situated in neighboring Sri Lanka to strike protests against the current regime.

Prime organizers of the protest, South-Galolhu constituency lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof assured that protest commenced following permission from Lankan government, adding the reason for protest was to voice against the injustice of current regime.

Protestors had criticized the incumbent Speaker of parliament Abdulla Maseeh, who according to opposition has lost his credibility over biased stance with the government. They had also slandered incumbent President Abdulla Yameen and his conduct while the recently appointed Ambassador of Maldives to Lanka was scrutinized.

"This protest indicates how we have to resort to voice our concerns at a foreign land because our nation has barred us from that right," Mahloof said.

Several lawmakers from the opposition took part in Thursday's protest which saw high ranking members of opposition parties along with general members coming out in front of the embassy building where they continued chants of granting swift justice for abducted journalist Ahmed Rilwan and murdered blogger and social media activist Yameen Rasheed.

Opposition has based their anti-government movement in Lanka due to apparent restrictions and loss of right in Maldives over protesting and forming political assemblies. Similar protests were conducted in front of the Maldives Embassy at Lanka earlier as well.

So far Lankan authorities had not presented themselves to protest site with intention on halting the movement.