Raajje TV settles fine of MVR 500K

Raajje TV has settled a fine of MVR 500,000 to local Broadcasting Commission on Sunday.

The channel was fined for airing a live program on July 28, 2017 when Thimarafushi lawmaker Mohamed Musthafa had spoken in an inciting manner to topple the incumbent government and its president Abdulla Yameen as well as provoking the citizens for a possible uprising and a resulting coup.

Broadcasting Commission had ordered Raajje TV to settle the fine within a month's time.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of Raajje TV, Hussain Fiyaz Moosa had expressed concerns and worries, stating such interruptions hinder the productivity and content when the company becomes introduced to unprecedented events like this.

Moosa had also shown grave concern over the relative biased demeanor of Broadcasting Commission against Raajje TV, and characterized it as 'pitting a broadcaster to beg for damages.' He also emphasized the lawmaker who had expressed the provocative opinions has not been summoned in for questioning by any authority.

"We have not received responses to our inquiries, we urge Broadcom to operate according to rules and regulations," Moosa said.

The media outlet had carried out a nationwide campaign in order to raise funds to settle the fine. Earlier, Raajje TV had filed an injunction to stall the settlement date at Civil Court.

The station was previously fined twice, the initial fine accosted MVR 250,000. Raajje TV was fined again with a total of MVR 1 million shortly after they had settled the initial fine.