Govt. move to slash electricity price 'won't sway voters'; MP

A prominent member of parliament has taunted government move on slashing electricity fees, stressing the act would not 'sway voters' in favor of incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

The south-Galolhu constituency representative at the parliament, Ahmed Mahloof made his remarks after government had announced to cut the electricity prices in atolls to match the capital's electricity prices.

State had publicized the new changes to electricity prices in atolls, under domestic category on zero to 400 unit bands sliding to meet the price charged in Male' city for the same category.

Following the government's announcement, Mahloof tweeted taunting the government in their attempts to sway the citizens' support in favor of the government will be met with failure, adding the Maldivian citizens were mature and aware of the political schemes. He advised the government not to underestimate the prowess of the common citizens and refrain from mocking their sanity.

In a press conference held on Monday, Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim highlighted on the state's priority in balancing the electricity prices between atolls and the capital. He stressed the price differences between Male' city and the atolls had been a grave concern of citizens for months.

Minister Ibrahim stressed the move will provide a more affordable utility service for 85% of the country's population. The announced change on electricity prices will be effective from March onward.

In addition to this, state had pulled down the bottled drinking water prices at atolls to meet the price on these items sold at Male'.