Contradictions in SC order, says President's Office

Supreme Court order on Thursday night, for the immediate release of opposition political members and annulling anti-defection law has contradictions, according to President's Office statement.

State has claimed that the top-court document needs to be validated before the orders reflected on it can be implemented.

Even Attorney General Mohamed Anil had insisted of properly evaluating the Supreme Court document before taking action based on it.

Hussain Shihab, the international spokesperson of President Abdulla Yameen said the top-court order to release the jailed political members was passed without the involvement of both Attorney General and Prosecutor General, adding the government would "engage, and consult with, the Supreme Court in order to comply with the ruling in line with proper procedure and the rule of law."

Shibab had reiterated Attorney General Mohamed Anil's statement over Thursday night's Supreme Court ruling.

Hours after the Supreme Court ordered the relevant authorities to immediately release all jailed political leaders, the Attorney General (AG) Mohamed Anil flanked by the home minister, defence minister and army chief in a brief press briefing insisted that the government was now trying to verify the validity of the Supreme Court order.

"We haven't received any official confirmation from the Supreme Court thus far. We will of course need to verify the validity of the court order before we can enforce it," the AG insisted.

Meanwhile Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef was relieved from his duty and Deputy Commissioner Ahmed Saudhee took his place to lead police service. This has come a few days after government had affirmed President Abdulla Yameen had full support and confidence in CP Areef.

AG Anil states that Ahmed Areef has been relieved from his post as president Yameen's repeated attempts to contact the police commissioner had failed.

The police chief's sacking came after police in a Tweet assured that it would abide by the court order and has kick-started efforts to release the jailed political prisoners