Maldives state of emergency safe for holidaymakers: ATA

Association of Travel Agents (ATA) has confirmed that current state of emergency in Maldives stretching to a 15-day duration will not compromise the safety or holidaymakers flocking to the Indian Ocean archipelago.

The island nation has been embroiled in fresh political turmoil after the Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the immediate release of as many as nine people and also prohibited the judicial watchdog from probing any case against the top court bench.

ATA released statement confirmed Maldives was still a haven for tourists and travelers despite several outbound travel advisories were issued from countries like US, UK, India and China. The travel agents representative association claimed the internal political strife would in no way pose any threats to the safety of travelers.

The association affirmed travelers about the unrest exclusive to capital Male' city and assured tourists will be directly transferred to their booked hotels without stay-overs in the capital.

Furthermore ATA highlighted the state of emergency in Maldives has not affected the local businesses and livelihood of the citizens in the country.

Following the late Monday presidential decree of a state of emergency several countries had advised its people against traveling to Maldives while they had advised the locals currently in Maldives to take cautionary steps.