Parliament majority as motive for jailing Maldives political opponents

Maldives parliament lawmaker has suspected the incumbent government of 'surgically' removing opposition lawmakers as a prime motive to grab hold on parliament majority.

The Kin'bidhoo constituency lawmaker Abdulla Riyaz, who had also been a former police commissioner directed his statement towards the recent apprehension of former ruling party MP Abdulla Sinan.

Riyaz pointed out to MP Sinan's arrest as a government's attempt to muster parliament majority - which can be derived by removing anti-government lawmakers from the chambers.

The south-Machchangolhi lawmaker was arrested immediately after he reached Maldives and was released a day later from Criminal Court. However he was once again arrested on Friday afternoon.

The former CP claimed jailing individuals over authority investigations violates the Criminal Procedure and Maldives Constitution.

However it must be noted that Maldives is currently under a presidential decree of a 15-day state of emergency. Under the state of emergency president had temporarily suspended more than 20 constitutional rights, including the Criminal Procudure Act along with Article number 45 citing 'No unlawful arrest or detention' and Article number 46 citing 'Power of arrest and detention.'

The suspension of more than 20 constitutional rights and several judicature rights under the Act has granted president Yameen's administration with unparalleled power of arbitrary detentions.

Following the Maldives Supreme Court order on February 1 annulling the anti-defection law or floor-crossing law had rendered the deposed status of a dozen politicians who on 2017 had defected to the opposition during the no-confidence motion of parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh, null and void.

Opposition parties were overjoyed with the move claiming the inclusion of the defecting parliamentary members had increased their majority at the People's Majilis (local parliament). However Dhiggaru constituency lawmaker Ahmed Faris Maumoon was once again arrested by authorities, and MP Sinan was apprehended by authorities afterwards.

Meanwhile ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has challenged opposition remarks over which political party had the majority, adding that they will be unhindered in their work to enforce constitutional rights and rule of law despite the possibility of surrendering parliament majority to opposition.

Local parliament session has been postponed over the ongoing state of emergency while earlier the Vice Speaker Ahmed Mohamed had resigned from held designation.