Ruling party accuses ex-VP Jameel on 'plot to overthrow govt'

Maldives ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has directed strong accusation at the former elected vice president under Abdulla Yameen's administration, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed of constantly attempting to overthrow the regime.

The accusation was made by the ruling party's deputy leader and Fonadhoo constituency lawmaker Abdul Raheem Abdulla.

Recently the ruling party held several press conferences on a daily basis with multiple accusations to several opposition members.

In Monday's press conference Abdulla had accused the Dr. Jameel of attempting to execute 'shady deals' while he held the tenure as vice president, adding he was devising a plan to overthrow the elected government and its president in cahoots with Jumhooree Party.

"Under our administration we experienced a mass protest, Mayday, which was funded by Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim and we've come across evidence of an exchange between former VP Jameel and Qasim implicating them in the possible coup," Abdulla said, adding "even back then, Jameel was attempting to usurp the presidency and government."

PPM's deputy leader had accused the former vice president of "being among the first people to attempt a coup against the government." He also added that Dr. Jameel's 'shady transactions' were disclosed by a party member to all the parliamentary group members.

"Since day one, Jameel has been planning to overthrow the president and take his place, these are not new found developments, we have always known he would attempt to exploit his power to take the president's seat," Abdulla accused the former vice president who has been living abroad after self-exiling himself from Maldives.

After Dr. Jameel fled to England, under his self-exiling, he was removed from vice president's post. Following this he had engineered the Maldives Union of Opposition however he had recently pledged allegiance to Qasim Ibrahim's Jumhooree Party. He was flanked by his two political partners former youth minister Maleeh Jamaal and former minister to President's Office Ameen, who also joined JP along with Jameel.