Gayoom again transferred to Dhoonidhoo prison

Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who is being tried by the state for multiple offenses have been transferred to Dhoonidhoo jail once again.

Immediately after incumbent president Yameen Abdul Gayoom declared state of emergency on February 5, security forces were dispatched to apprehend the former head of state. He was transported to Dhoonidhoo jail - the designated interrogation prison - on the night. However days later, he was transferred to Maafushi penitentiary - the designated jail for imprisonment.

Gayoom's advocates have confirmed the former president was once again moved to Dhoonidhoo jail and it has been informed accordingly to his family.

In a tweet, Maumoon Hameed, who represents the former president said Yumna Maumoon, daughter of Gayoom was informed about his transfer back to Dhoonidhoo. However Hameed added that up until 16:00hrs on Thursday Gayoom was still in Maafushi prison.

"With such sudden transfers, we are all concerned for his safety and well being," Hameed tweeted.

A night earlier president Abdulla Yameen's envoy, Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu had visited Gayoom at Maafushi prison to assess his health status and the condition of his confinement. Dr. Muizzu tweeted about this on Wednesday night, who had also visited now imprisoned Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed.

The former president is charged with attempt to overthrow current government, bribing court judges and parliamentarians as well as attempting to sabotage ongoing trials. Additionally he is tried for attempting to create segregation in security forces.

Local police claim they have recovered solid evidence against the former head of state over these charges.

However Gayoom denies all allegations made on him while he has presented a case of habeas corpus to Maldives top court.