Maldives police condemns reporters action

Maldives Police Service on Saturday has condemned the local reporters on-site of Friday's opposition led protests, stating their actions were same as the protesters.

In a statement released, police service had asserted they had warned in advance to the public against participating in the opposition led protest adding they will break off such gatherings. Furthermore they reiterated that due to ongoing state of emergency, authorities have decided to intervene in public rallies and political gatherings as it has been suspended.

When president Abdulla Yameen declared the state of emergency, more than 20 constitutional and several judicature rights were suspended that had included the right to public gatherings as well as the Criminal Procedure Act.

However the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) had organized and held several rallies and gatherings within the emergency stretch.

Maldives Police on Saturday in their statement noted that the opposition had schemed to provoke the public into violent protesting and to create further unrest. They added that the on-site reporters covering the event had wrongly informed the details of the events proceedings through their live broadcast.

Police accused local media and their respective reporters of spreading misinformation regarding Friday's protest.

"We urge from local media and its reporters to refrain from spreading false accounts of sensitive events and to maintain professionalism," the statement read.

Police had attempted to push back the reporters on-site of Friday's protest, which resulted in several reporters getting injured while two of RaajjeTV journalists were arrested amid the confrontation.

Meanwhile RaajjeTV reporter Hussain Hassan,who was among the two reporters apprehended by authorities on Friday evening was transported to ADK hospital for medical attention as his condition worsened.