Twenty protesters still in custody, claims Maldives police

Maldives police on Sunday has confirmed they still have 20 protestors under custody who were arrested during the demonstrations on Weekend - Friday and Saturday.

Authorities had arrested more than 140 individuals from the protests that were carried on both nights. Police had apprehended around 141 protestors on Friday night while they had not disclosed the exact number of detainees on Saturday night.

Police has confirmed that from the protestors arrested they currently have only 20 individuals in detention which included 15 demonstrators arrested on Friday night while five from Saturday night.

Several supporters of the opposition had gathered on Friday night calling for the immediate cessation on incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's regime.

Officers of Maldives Police Service had warned the demonstrators they would use force if necessary to break the ranks of the mob and proceeded to arrest several individuals present at the site.

Authorities were able to completely dissolve the protestor mob around 02:00hrs on Friday night.