Ruling party leaders paying dues for past actions?

Since the Maldives has gone under a presidential decreed state of emergency ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) had not shied away from holding press conferences on a daily basis to throw direct and indirect shade at the opposition.

Two faces that are always on the front-lines of defending the government and incumbent president's action would undoubtedly be the party's apparent deputy leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla and its parliamentary group leader Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik.

Both men on a daily basis had continued with their tirades against the entire opposition while directing personal and direct criticism at specific members of the anti-government movement - so much so the whole functionality of the anti-defamation law is questioned.

More often than not their words put them in hot water more than anyone else, yet they are quite adamant in continuing their lambasting against opposing individuals.

Meanwhile Maldives Democratic Party's (MDP) Chairperson Hassan Latheef had shot back at the the two ruling party leaders for their reiterating criticism. Latheef was quoted stating "they [Abdulla and Nihan] are paying dues for their past actions."

His reciprocation comes post the ruling party leaders claiming they will never be swayed to the opposition even if Jumhoory Party leader and local business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim offer all his wealth as bargain.

"Does not matter where they stand right now but its certain president Yameen no longer trusts them [Abdulla and Nihan], whatever they are saying are just attempts to pay due for their past actions," Latheef said.

The sentiments of MDP Chairperson was echoed by other opposition members including Eva Abdulla and Mariya Didi.

"At a time when they should be defending government with hard policies, the party’s and government’s top officials are busy on the defensive, talking about themselves," MP Eva Abdulla tweeted. MP Mariya Didi took down the lane of sarcasm and humor to express her opinion when posted an amended version of the classic 'Black Sheep' nursery rhyme.

Although the Nihan and Abdulla are currently facing a backlash of harsh comments from the opposition they are expected to once again follow custom by holding another press conference today.

But when such press conferences are held to entertain their mean and aggressive comments on opposition members day in and day out, it makes you ponder on the possibility whether their intentions are in the best interest of the community or not.