Sangu TV labels hefty fine as attack on free media

Local television station Sangu TV on Saturday slammed the broadcasting regulator over its decision to impose a hefty fine for airing demeaning content against incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

In a letter to the TV station broadcasting commission wrote the channel is fined for airing a live coverage on December 2017 where an opposition lawmaker had directed verbal slurs at president Yameen. The channel is scrutinized for continuing the said event's transmission.

Furthermore the commission had noted this is the first recorded incident the channel had violated defamation act and as such Sangu TV will be fined with MVR 100,000 as a first-time offense penalization, which was agreed upon by all members of the commission.

Broadcasting commission had also urged the TV channel to announce a public apology statement for broadcasting contents that are socially unacceptable.

In response, Sangu TV in a statement described the fine as an attack on free media and urged the public to help raise the funds.

Recently both VTV and VFM were slapped with a fine of MVR 400,000 for broadcasting content against president Yameen.