Maldives opposition refuse EC invitation for discussion

The Maldives United Opposition (MUO) has declined the offer extended by Elections Commission for discussion and disclosure of information regarding the upcoming presidential election.

While the opposition parties have declined EC's invitation, the Maldives electoral watchdog has requested to meet all registered political parties individually on Tuesday next week to discuss the planned presidential election on 2018.

To respond to EC's invitation a press conference was held at Maafannu Kunoozu - prime opposition camp - where Jumhoory Party's secretary general Ahmed Sameer suspected foul play from the commission's side and accused the watchdog was scheming to report the election preparatory works to ruling party which they are 'in cahoots with.'

Sameer also accused the electoral watchdog's integrity has been compromised and was no longer unbiased - adding the members of the commission had pledged fealty to ruling party and current administration. JP's secretary general asserted the opposition was not willing to comply to a 'rogue' establishment since their orders or any sort of recommendation was no longer valid or legitimate.

In his reasoning, Sameer had explained the commission's current responsibility would be ensure all political parties are getting non-discriminatory treatment and whether parties receive freedom to operate and run their campaigns or political movements without interference and fairly.