Maldives Opposition readies protesting against EC

Maldives United Opposition - the coalition of multiple opposition parties - have decided to protest against the country's Elections Commission (EC) over multiple conflicts.

The opposition is expected to rally in front of the premises of Maldives electoral watchdog at 13:30hrs on Monday afternoon calling for transparency of the commission.

According to the Maldives opposition parties they are protesting against EC due to the possibility of the commission being under government influence, hindering it from holding a free and fair presidential election.

Earlier opposition raised concern over the low numbers listed to place ballot boxes for election polls and the commission's decision to task a designated elections official in assisted voting.

Recently the rumor of senior officials, cabinet members of government authorities utilizing civil servants in re-registering process, and coercing government staffs to re-register under specific ballot stations have sparked outrage in the opposition.

Responding to the claims, president of EC Ahmed Shareef said such cases must be considered as misuse of government assets and should be reported accordingly to relevant authorities for further probing.