Mega Maldives faces MVR76 mln tax lawsuit

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has filed a lawsuit against cash-strapped Mega Maldives airline seeking MVR76 million in unpaid taxes and fines.

In two separate lawsuits, MIRA is seeking USD851,202 and MVR2,800 for non-payment of Airport taxes and fees, non-filing and late payment fines. In the second suit, Mega Maldives is facing MVR63,798,446 over non-payment of Withholding Tax, late filing and late payment fines.

The company started with a joint Maldivian and American initiative has been in service for five years, with a fleet of five airplanes.

Mega Maldives had in 2016 been forced to undergo a major downsize after reporting major losses before suspending operations last year.

Mega Maldives was an important contributor to Maldivian tourism, bringing in a large amount of tourists to Maldives every year.

In April, the company was reportedly in talks with both local and foreign investors to sell the majority shares of the company.