Significant Increase in US$ Revenue Collection Owed to Flourishing Ttourism

The US$ revenue collected by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) this year has increased significantly.

According to MIRA the increment in November 2019's revenue, compared to November 2018 and projection, is due to the increment in TGST, Airport Service Charge and Green Tax collection, along
with the receipt of payments towards Lease Period Extension Fee.

Statistics publicized by MIRA shows US$ 51.6 million was collected by the authority in November alone. This is an increment of 75% when compared to the US$ 39 million collected during the same period last year.

While a total revenue of US$ 579 million has been collected thus far this year, this is almost a 100% increase compared to the US$ 558 million collected during the same period last year.

The increment in US$ revenue collection is the direct result of flourishing tourism in the archipelago. By the end of November, over 1.5 million tourists have visited the popular tourist destination.