Road development staff bemoan long hours during Ramadan

Housing ministry's public works department staff have expressed grave concern over long working hours during the month of Ramadan.

The department has been engaged in the current road development project in the capital for months and they have not been offered any leeway for the Holy month.

A staff working on the ring road project on condition of anonymity told AVAS that while most workers across the Maldives would given much shorter working hours during Ramadan, the public works department had not been given such luxury.

Similar to other months, the department staff are required to report to work at 8am through 5.30pm.

Ministry has planned two shifts for public works department staff. The morning shift would begin work at 8am until 5.30pm and they would be given a 30 minute prayer break. The evening shift would begin at 9pm and end at 8am the next day. However, the evening shift gets an extra break, the first one for meals from 1.30am till 3am while they get another for Suhoor [pre-dawn meal] from 4am to 5pm.

The staff were extremely concerned by such long hours especially during a month of prayer and recitation of the holy Quran.

"Most of the staff are Bangladesh nationals. They would also want more time for prayer and recite the Quran. And they would need more rest during a month like Ramadan," the staff from earlier bemoaned.