'Lock-n-Roll' the real-life RPG proves a hit with locals

Real life gaming experiences or task oriented physical game activities are rarities in Maldives; almost near non-existent in the island nation. However a trio of forward-thinking young men has presented a globally identified escape room game for the Maldivians to indulge in.

The participants are locked inside a room where they must piece together all the clues they come across and discover the hidden key which would allow them to 'escape' the room. Participants must complete all required tasks and make their escape within a one-hour window.

The game allows a minimum of two-members and a maximum of six members to participate. Already proving to be a hit among many of the youngsters, the real-life RPG (role playing game) is run at Lock-n-Roll Game Center at satellite town of Hulhumale', situated at the top-floor of the locally renowned V2 consumer good store.

The creator of the game Sham Naseer said the game came into inception after a concept was realized while he was studying at Australia.

Started with a mere MVR 25,000 investment the real life gaming experience is proving to be a success with many locals turning up to indulge in the RPG. The entrance fee for the game is usually MVR 100 except for weekends when it is MVR 120.

According to the fresh ventures founder Naseer, many of the locals who visited the real life gaming center had positively remarked regarding their experiences. The creators of the gaming experience have strongly hinted on expanding their real life gaming services with a new game possibly being developed.