No access to jailed ex-VP, lawyers claim

Jailed former vice president Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Ghafoor's lawyer has bemoaned the continued lack of access, accusing authorities of "inventing" new regulations to discriminate the ex-VP from other inmates.

Adheeb's lawyer Moosa Siraj in a letter to the Commissioner of Prisons alleged that he had not been allowed access to Adheeb since May 8.

Siraj alleged that prison officials had "invented" new regulations to deny him access to clients and urged the prisons' chief to clarify the reasons behind the blatant discrimination.

The ex-VP's is serving 33 years in prison over two counts of terrorism and corruption including the blast aboard the presidential speedboat which has been now confirmed as a plot to assassinate president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. He is also facing multiple counts of terrorism and graft charges including a second assassination plot involving a Sri Lankan sniper.

Adheeb’s family meanwhile has repeatedly urged the authorities to grant permission for Adheeb to travel abroad for medical treatment, claiming that he has been diagnosed with an internal cyst, kidney stones and a dangerous eye disease “glaucoma”.

Government has attracted intense opposition criticism over its decision to deny Adheeb medical leave insisting that there was a real threat that the ex VP would abscond.

Incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom meanwhile in July had asked his former deputy to return the millions he stole from state coffers to get medical leave.

President Yameen had insisted that the government would not allow Adheeb to travel abroad until the stolen funds are recovered but added that the authorities would allow him to bring in doctors from abroad.

He also added that Adheeb would have access to every health care facility available at the state run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).