Doctors recommend ex-VP to be transferred home

Family of jailed former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor have stated that Adeeb's doctors have recommended to move him to a "stress-free environment".

Earlier on Tuesday, Adeeb was taken to state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in capital Male' and returned to jail later the same day after treatment. Adeeb's wife, Mariyam Nashwa revealed that the reason why he was brought to the hospital is unknown.

Also on Tuesday, Nashwa shared via social media platform Twitter a letter of recommendation issued by Adeeb's doctors on 16th February. According to the document, it was advised by his doctors that he is moved to a stress free environment, and noted the risk of him falling unconscious at any given time, recommending that it is best if he is not left alone.

The former vice president was recently advised to be moved to a stress free environment followining a kidney surgery, after which he was transferred home temporarily. However he was later taken back to jail.

After he was transferred back to jail, Adeeb was again hospitalized at IMGH due to deteriorating health. The High Court then issued an order to transfer Adeeb under house arrest, however, it was quashed by the Supreme Court,

He has been remaining at Maafushi jail since.

The ex-VP is serving 33 years in prison over two counts of terrorism and corruption including the blast aboard the presidential speedboat which has been now confirmed as a plot to assassinate president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. He is also facing multiple counts of terrorism and graft charges including a second assassination plot involving a Sri Lankan sniper.