Political divergence not reason for 'back-stabbing'; MP

Prominent opposition lawmaker of south-Galolhu constituency, Ahmed Mahloof had advised all political parties to refrain from creating rifts within the alliance.

The outspoken politician stressed the existence of varying or disparate political ideologies in different parties; adding ideological disagreements are not issues and it was not reason enough for collision within the allied parties.

Mahloof has made the statements at a time when former vice president Mohamed Jameel and former MDP chairperson Ali Waheed during the Jumhooree Party press conference at Germany alongside party leader Gasim Ibrahim, had thrown shades on self exiled former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Waheed and Jameel's comments were vivid in acknowledging their disagreement with the former head of state.

The south-Galolhu lawmaker acting as a balm to relieve seeming tensions brewing within the opposition coalition said each and every party must respect the other's decision of nominating their exclusive presidential candidate; which he noted was a right of all political parties.

The former vice president under incumbent president Abdulla Yameen's presidency, Mohamed Jameel had indirectly jabbed at Nasheed.

Jameel had criticized the former president's 'lone-savior' attitude, stating one must never believe they are quipped to resolve all underlying issues in Maldives politics single-handed.

The ex-VP also stressed on importance of maturity to handle political differences; in ideology or belief. He added divergence of political belief will always be inevitable in multiple-party led coalitions, but back-stabbing each other at the face of disputes is not going to be helpful.

Surprisingly the former president, who is best known as the 'Island President' has not reciprocated to lambastes by his political colleagues but rather is seen busy with his campaign despite the possibility of his run for the top-office appear bleak as ever.