Nasheed promises 'no intervention' on coalition-backed candidate

Former president Mohamed Nasheed has assured Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim that he will not intervene in the multi-party coalition's attempt to nominate a mutually agreed single candidate for the presidential election.

Gasim Ibrahim, who is also the Villa Group honcho had commented earlier stating the ex-president and his political party [Maldivian Democratic Party] must find common ground with the other parties of opposition in nominating a single candidate.

According to the business tycoon, Nasheed must announce an official no-objection statement regarding a multi-party backed candidate for the much coveted presidential election in 2018.

Campaigning as 'Island President' the former head of state, Nasheed had respected the JP leader's wishes stating he will not intervene the opposition parties' decision to nominate a single candidate.

Ensuring he will not get 'in the way' of the efforts put by Maldives United Opposition Nasheed tweeted he will support the multi party coalition's move.

Recently rumors had spread the coalition was struggling to maintain accord within the parties in alliance; with ties diminishing over discord regarding the single-candidate issue. Gasim Ibrahim's statement on Saturday night had ensured the coalition parties were indeed at an impasse.

In his statement Gasim Ibrahim had visibly criticized MDP regarding their political ideologies and alleging the prime opposition party as not respected the single-candidate talks.

Moreover the JP leader pilloried Nasheed's policies and stance regarding key issues including the latter's call for foreign intervention, establishment of two government's and even the possibility of a separate 'sovereign' area within Maldivian border.

In his statement, Gasim also highlighted Nasheed was ineligible to run for office over his criminal conviction, adding the former president was making promises to public that were not actively discussed with the coalition.