JP accuses Gayoom's daughter of secret deal with Pres Yameen

Jumhooree Party (JP) has accused former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's daughter Yumna Maumoon of making a clandestine deal with incumbent president Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Several members of JP have accused Yumna Maumoon who is seen at the forefront of opposition's reform work against current state.

JP's council member Mohamed Saeed had heavily pilloried Yumna Maumoon accusing her of 'cutting a sleazy deal' with her uncle to guarantee release of her husband Ahmed Nadeem and her father.

Saeed who tweeted accusing Yumna questioned from her the purpose of reaching the so-called agreement with president Yameen after 'sacrificing' the country's public.

An activist tied to Jumhooree Party, Ali Shahid expressed similar statements as he accused Gayoom's daughter of the same. He also suspects former president Mohamed Nasheed's hand in the said deal as well.

While members of JP have severely lambasted Yumna Maumoon of apparent 'treachery' towards opposition, she has been visibly absent from opposition led movements in recent weeks.