Govt aims to take control of 'neglected' social flats

The cabinet on Sunday advised president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to handover the maintenance of social housing flats in the capital Male and suburb Villimale currently managed by the city council to the housing ministry.

Housing minister Dr Mohamed Muizzu said the opposition dominated city council had neglected and failed to maintain the buildings for years. The cabinet has now advised to handover full control of the flats to the housing ministry, Muizzu added.

Male mayor Shifa Mohamed however, hit-back accusing the housing ministry of failing to respond to repeated requests for maintenance of the buildings.

Shifa also accused the ministry of crippling the council by taking away most of its mandate and slashing its budget. She said the difficulties facing the council had been shared with president Yameen.

Residents of the buildings have complained for years over the lack of maintenance which has caused frequent leaks during heavy rain resulting in damages to household items.