Jumhooree Party still undecided on its running-mate

Business tycoon founded Jumhooree Party (JP) still has not arrived to a concluding decision on choosing their candidate as the multi-party coalition backed running mate.

While major opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) nominated its parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as presidential candidate, the opposition coalition tasked Jumhooree Party with nominating a running mate for 2018 presidential polls.

The party has still not come towards a conclusion in nominating its running-mate candidate according to Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan who is currently acting as the party's unofficial leader.

Dr. Rasheed made the remark shortly after many had congratulated Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain as JP's running mate on various social platforms.

According to the de-facto leader of JP, the party is still undecided on who to nominate for the responsibility. Dr. Rasheed noted that the party officially or unofficially has not made any announcement regarding its running-mate nominee.

Earlier the party had announced they will nominate a running-mate candidate and reveal on July 10.

Several members have expressed their interest in running-mate designation. The party's founder Gasim Ibrahim's wife Aishath Nahula also confirmed she was contesting for the running-mate position.

Apart from her two of the party's deputy leaders Ameen Abdulla and Hussain Rasheed Hassan as well as lawmakers affiliated with the party, Ali Hussain and Faisal Naseem are contesting for the designation.

From the lot the Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain seems to have a win over others with popularity based on social media support. Following shortly behind the lawmaker is Gasim Ibrahim's wife, Nahula who several females are backing.