MP calls for Pres Yameen's 'resignation' after polls

Prominent lawmaker aligned with Jumhooree Party, Ali Hussain has said incumbent president Abdulla Yameen's administration must be brought to an end on voting day.

With nearly two months away from the much coveted presidential elections, the opposition aligned politician called out for the resignation of president Abdulla Yameen should he fail in the upcoming polls.

In his tweet Ali Hussain had urged Maldives public to rally against incumbent president calling out for his resignation immediately after polling closes on vote-day. According to the lawmaker the citizens must ally together in 'terminating' president Yameen's regime.

Though he failed the running-mate race internally held at Jumhooree Party, Ali Hussain is normally seen from the forefront of the opposition movement in Maldives politics. In recent weeks, he has seemingly shot several verbal-attacks aimed at the current administration and its president.

While MP Ali Hussain is loud about his disapproval of president Abdulla Yameen, the opposition is confidant they will emerge victorious in the upcoming presidential elections.