Opposition running-mate claims Pres Yameen 'lost people's admiration'

Opposition coalition's running mate Faisal Naseem on Monday said incumbent president Abdulla Yameen has lost his people's admiration and love.

According to Naseem the Maldives head of state has successfully alienated himself from political allies as well as his people.

Naseem said president Abdulla Yameen was elected as Maldives president with the support and love of several people including his half-brother former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Back in 2013 when Abdulla Yameen won the second presidential election he was backed by Jumhooree Party founder Gasim Ibrahim, Adhaalath Party as well as the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom himself. However, president Yameen's allies have joined hands against him for this year's presidential polls.

Naseem asserted president Yameen's continued injustice, corruption and misconduct led to him losing the support of his followers and the public's approval of him.

Opposition running-mate criticized president Yameen's administration for failing to properly address the people's concerns and act on them. While lambasting the policies of incumbent regime, Naseem claimed his presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will bring a transition of favorable changes to Maldives.