Opposition running-mate views pres polls as 'last chance for salvation'

Opposition coalition running-mate Faisal Naseem on Sunday night claimed the upcoming presidential polls is the 'last chance of holding to Maldivian sovereignty.'

According to Naseem, if president Abdulla Yameen gets re-elected Maldives will go under grips of international powers.

Speaking at a public rally organized by the opposition at Meemu atoll Dhiggaru, Naseem said Maldivian public was hoping for justice and a corruption free government.

Naseem assured opposition coalition's government will run along with the Maldivian public's sentiments and concerns instead of illicitly enriching political figures and top government officials.

He also showed concern over the surmounting external debt Maldives was slowly accumulating due to huge sums of loans acquired from foreign countries for infrastructural development.

Naseem criticized the current administration and alleged president Abdulla Yameen had stripped the rights of dissenting voices in the public, while jailing anyone who may pose a challenge to him.

Accusing government of wrongfully terminating civil servants and government employees for exercising their freedom of political ideologies, Naseem claimed their coalition will bring an end to such malpractice.