Solih assures questioning Maldives Pres over missing journo

Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday assured he will hold incumbent president accountable for the missing Minivan News journalist.

Solih had assured he will re-open the investigation of the case under his administration, and also summon president Abdulla Yameen for questioning.

"This is an inconsiderate act on his [president Yameen] part, and I believe a country's president should not do this. There's no telling about how many letters were sent and how many visits were made to government authorities regarding Rilwan's case by his family, and they had to return empty handed from everywhere," Solih said.

The opposition presidential candidate also showed concern about president Abdulla Yameen's 'sensational' revelation on Tuesday afternoon while addressing the people of Gaaf Dhaal Madaveli.

Solih also asserted that while an investigation on the missing journalist's disappearance was carried, it has not been proven at court that Ahmed Rilwan has died or not.

"Today the Maldives president ensured from his statement that Rilwan is in fact dead. This is unfair and unjust, how would his family persevere at a time like this, and why didn't president Yameen come forth with this information during investigation," Solih added.

While addressing the public of Laamu atoll Maabaidhoo, Solih had severely criticized president Abdulla Yameen's administration. Solih claimed the incumbent president was violating several laws and the opposition has made the stand to oppose his injustice.