Opposition denies govt. claims of national threat

Opposition coalition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has denied defense minister Adam Shareef Umar's claim regarding threat to national security.

According to the opposition coalition backed presidential hopeful, the claims were made to impede the presidential polls slated for September and in hopes to rig the elections.

Defense minister on a Facebook post on Saturday night claimed both military and local police were investigating matters concerning national security. Minister Umar said authorities received intelligence reports of yet unidentified entities attempting to propel the intensified political commotion in the island nation.

"If the matter is as serious as he [Defense minister Umar] claims, then that is not the approach. Such an issue should be addressed to the nation through defense ministry or home ministry on official grounds," Solih said while addressing the people of Thaa atoll Gaadhiffushi on Sunday morning.

"I found this funny, and also a cheap attempt to either sabotage the upcoming presidential elections or intimidate the public from casting vote. It may be the government's shameless attempt to impede the elections as well," Solih added.

Solih assured Maldives public will not be intimidated by such threats and claimed opposition will be first to stand up against anyone posing a danger to the island nation.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) was brought to full alert on Saturday following defense minister's Facebook post of credible information of an imminent plot to undermine peace and security of the country.

"So anyone with information that could be a threat to national security should come forward and notify the police or the MNDF immediately," Shareef said adding that the military would do everything possible to safeguard the independence, sovereignty and the constitution of the country.