Opposition promises housing for military, police within a year

Military and police officers will be provided with housing arrangements before the conclusion of the first year term under an opposition led government, according to Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

While responding to queries directed to him on a RaajjeTV program, the opposition coalition backed presidential candidate noted current government has been 'attempting' provide housing or flats to military and police officers for past five years. Solih also said that the a significant portion of their salaries have been deducted to be included as advance payments for the said flats.

Solih bemoaned that none of either military or police officers have been granted access into their promised housing while five years have elapsed.

The opposition candidate assured under the multi-party coalition's government Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) - military - and Maldives Police Service officers will receive apartments or flats before the first year of the five year term concludes.

Solih directed harsh criticism towards incumbent president Abdulla Yameen and his administration, noting the housing projects that came to conclusion were ideas or projects realized by his predecessors; former presidents Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and Mohamed Nasheed respectively.

According to Solih, no new housing or sheltering projects commenced under president Abdulla Yameen's five year term. He also alleged the incumbent government was guilty of gross misconduct in providing the flats or apartments to ineligible applicants.