MDP Pres candidate vows rent allowances, slicing home loan interest

Opposition presidential candidate on Wednesday evening has announced a sensational pledge of aiding Maldives citizens with their rent allowances and home loan schemes.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) backed candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih claimed an opposition led government will prioritize in providing affordable housing schemes for the public. He also added introduction of free housing schemes for those who cannot afford hefty rental schemes to apartments.

While addressing the people of Noonu atoll Milandhoo, Solih assured under opposition led government free or affordable housing schemes will be introduced for the Maldivian public.

Solih also strongly suggested introducing a real estate or housing law and regulations to counter housing related issues.

Opposition presidential candidate explained real estate or housing scheme projects will be carried under a designated government body which will be conceived under his administration.

He also assured slicing the interest rates by 6% on housing loans for those who have adequate financial stability in their attempts to purchase high-end or luxury abodes.

While assuring the policy can be fully realized, Solih claimed the Maldivian economic status ensures such schemes can be carried without hindrances. He also criticized president Abdulla Yameen's administration stating they too, could have achieved similar feats but chose to ignore.