MDP Pres candidate vows legal protection for whistleblowers

Opposition presidential candidate has vowed to formulate an act on whistleblowing to protect the identities and safety of individuals exposing corruption in government institutes.

While addressing the Maldives public on Monday Solih said under his administration immense effort will be put to stop acts of corruption in government institutes and said the cessation of corruption or misconduct in government will result in the increase of state wealth.

"Our main policy is to stop corruption, legal protection should be given to whistleblowers exposing corrupt activities in government bodies, and we will hopefully implement an act to preserve or protect the identities and ensure safety for whistleblowers exposing government scandals," Solih said.

Solih highlighted the whistleblower of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) scandal, Gasim Abdul Kareem was unjustly penalized by state.