Red Wave to make history with the largest shopping outlet in Maldives

Red Wave - one of the largest convenient store companies in Maldives - is set to make history on Thursday with their 'Red Wave Mega Mall.'

Noted as the largest shopping center ever to open in Maldives, Red Wave will be 8,000 square feet in total area with multiple floors. The shopping outlet will become one of the largest single shopping outlet in SAARC region.

"Customers can choose from a range of 60 different furniture brands, usually shops offer a maximum of 6 distinct brands at the most," Ali Shaheem, Red Wave company's manager noted.

Fitted with escalators and lifts, the shopping outlet offers a range of 100,000 various products according to Red Wave's manager.

The shopping outlet company already runs a Red Wave store (in a space of 10,000 square feet) at satellite town of Hulhumale' where the 'Red Wave Mega Mall' is opening.

With their newest addition, the shopping outlets under Red Wave will increase to 11 distinct stores operated in Male' area.