Ministry to allow 24-hour operation of businesses in Fuvahmulah

Economic Ministry has designated areas in Fuvahmulah City where business can be conducted 24 hours.

While some cafe's and shops in Male' and Hulhumale' are already licensed to operate 24 hours, businesses in Addu city can now apply for the same incentive.

Economic Ministry has designated three areas in Fuvahmulah City for 24-hour operation. While three areas in thee wards has been chosen, those wishing to open their businesses 24 hours can apply to the Fuvahmulah City council. The application form is available for download on the ministry's website.

The current administration began granting permission to operate businesses 24/7 during March this year. While 14 businesses have now been licensed, the permit is valid for a period of two years.

While the permit will be suspended for six months if the condition of issuing the permit are violated, a second offence would revoke the permit permanently.