MDP Pres candidate joins Hulhumale' residents for BBQ

Showing an unusual attitude towards meeting the Maldivian citizens, opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih joined for a barbecue evening with the residents of Hulhumale'.

The special event was organized by a group of youths aligned with the opposition at the reclaimed suburb on Friday evening.

Apart from Solih, several senior members of the opposition joined him to spend time with the locals who attended the barbecue.

Upon arrival he was warmly welcomed by the youths in the satellite town while many had gathered to meet with the opposition presidential candidate to briefly share their opinions and show support.

An overjoyed Solih had praised the youths behind the event for their initiation, while he had bemoaned several youngsters are intimidated by the current government from publicly voicing their political ideologies.

Opposition have continuously lambasted incumbent president Abdulla Yameen and his administration for threatening or intimidating government employees to coerce 'unwilling' support to the ruling party sentiments.

Several youths had joined Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) as new party members as they presented their membership forms in Friday evening's event.