FDC MD highlights scope gaps in Hulhumale' flats project

The Managing Director of Green Living Corporation (FDC), Hamdhaan Shakeel, has stated that certain crucial aspects were overlooked in the scope of the 4,000 flats project underway in Hulhumale'.

In a post on X today, Hamdhaan said an additional MVR 454.4 million is needed to complete the flats. He disclosed that the government of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih did not include essential components such as connecting the towers to the power grid and security systems within the project's scope. In addition, the GPON system required for internet and other media connections, waste disposal systems, and landscaping works were also excluded.

Hamdhaan said FDC is working with the government to arrange the necessary funds to complete these works.

Comparing the progress made under the previous and current administrations, Hamdhaan highlighted that while the former government laid 216 slabs in 22 months since project initiation, the current government has already completed 192 slabs within the past four months.

Project overview:

Under the Gedhoruveriyaa Scheme, FDC is overseeing the construction of 4,000 flats. The project involves the completion of 32 towers, managed separately by India's NBCC and JMC Projects, with each tasked with constructing 2,000 flats across 16 towers.